We may work together if everything across your life just doesn’t feel in alignment right now. Your eating is off, you just feel it. You are slower, sluggish, tired. Maybe you are indulging more than normal, feeling obsessive, disconnected, stressed. It feels intolerable to be here, in this space. Your relationships feel strained, distant or unhealthy.  

Your food, your emotions and your thoughts…

These impact us all on a cellular level. Fear does too. It impacts us with toxic stress. With oxidative stress.  It impacts us with our mindset and how we manage thoughts and emotions. It directly impacts our gut health. 

We don’t realize how much these stresses impact our life…  

A healthy gut means a healthy body.  Our ability to fight disease, have a strong immune system and to be happy starts with out gut. Whether we are aware of it or not, our consumption of food, thoughts and mentality impact our entire life. Our ability to rise up above the stresses in our lives do too.  If we are not in alignment it will feel intolerable.

If you are not in your power with food right now, we may work together.  If your relationships feel out of alignment. You are struggling and not at your best physically. You feel out of control with your thoughts. Your choices and habits feel addicted or obsessive, we may work together.

I work with people who feel like a disaster in three or four of these areas… physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.


I struggled and felt so stuck in my life. With food, addictions, mental blocks, emotions, relationships. One moment of truth that I had was when I found my old journal, from ten years prior.  I had written in it explaining my issues, stuck points and biggest problems I was dealing with at the time.  When I read these issues, I sank into my chair with despair to realize that ten years later I was still dealing with the exact same issues.  Literally — the exact same.  I had spent a decade and thousands and thousands of hours and money on all kinds of self help, coaches and answers “out there” that I believed would help me only to find out that I was repeating the same patterns a decade later.  

So in the moment, I made the biggest change of my life, I stopped looking outside for all of the answers and instead I began looking inside. I chose to do the real inner work.  

I thought I was doing inner work before, but there was one thing missing. I couldn’t see that it wasn’t just about changing my thoughts and some outside behaviors, it was about changing the core beliefs that I had about myself, life, body, family, culture, money.  I had to figure out who I truly was, stripped down… all the way down at my core. The person I am without the limiting beliefs that I soon learned that were keeping me safe, yet very unhappy. I had to learn to love myself naked.

When I began this work, things began to shift. I began to see that my life began to align with the things I had always wanted.  This work that I speak of is transformational and it has totally revolutionized the way I live my life. It focuses on physical health, mental health, emotional health and spiritual health.

Because we can shift our mind and it will change everything for awhile, but what happens when we change our physical habits at the same time and then do the emotional healing work to forgive and release the past and combine all of that with a true connection to joy and love (also known as spirituality), transformation happens.

These four pillars have become my personal path to living whole and holistically – focusing on the whole person and it can be duplicated for your life. You can find this way for yourself.

It will change your life. How do I know? Because I have received dozens and dozens of testimonials from a diverse group of clients in the past 7 years who have shared that it has changed theirs.

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I want to be clear on one important part of this work, it is not designed to “fix you” and the simple reason is because you are not broken.

You don’t have anything wrong with you. Sure, if you’re like me, you have had plenty of broken down moments, and we will honor those and tap into the universal power that doesn’t judge, criticize or blame.  

(Ask about our Circle Impact Perspective and how we honor the challenges people face as minorities)

We will work together to discover an acceptance of yourself and your own value.

You will learn to live happy inside and find a love for yourself right now.

We begin with diving deep into your thoughts and beliefs, one of those limiting beliefs being “I’m not good enough!”

This belief that we are not good enough is the root issue that keeps us believing that we need to be fixed or that we don’t deserve the life we desire.

We spend the first week going deep into this work, I do not let clients advance to the second module of work until I know they are clear on these limits that have kept them stuck all of these years. I will work with you until you get it.

You are not alone in this. I work with you every step of the way and for those who join my group program, we do this as a team that is stronger together.


  • My partner in life is Rob Scott. He changes my life every day. My goal is the same for him.
  • I am a mom to Manny, he’s 8 years old.  
  • I love.  People who know me, will tell you that I love human beings… all of them. I find the good in people.
  • I went to school to be an artist first.
  • I value learning, alone time and creativity.
  • I sleep deeply and have vivid dreams, almost every night.
  • I have served ice cream cones and sold knives – millions of dollars of them.
  • I was married and divorced 9 years later and from that birthed the most magnificent miracle, a son- and it took 48 hours of natural labor because I didn’t know how to feel my anger and angst back then.
  • I spent 2.5 days alone in a hostel in New York City during hurricane Sandy and learned I wasn’t really alone.
  • I am ambitious and intuitive.
  • I appreciate high quality food.
  • My work is part of my devotional practice.
  • I’m a Virgo Sun, Leo Rising and Pisces Moon.
  • Time with friends, family and giving to others are amongst my most cherished moments.
  • I dream of revolutionizing our food system and about the world loving compassionately.
  • I’m really proud of the compost pile and organic garden I used to have.
  • I’m a recovering perfectionist and sugar addict.
  • Travel is my favorite.
  • I am oh so grateful for all of it.

Loving yourself naked is a practice of peeling away the layers that no longer serve you while connecting to the whole of who you are. Love.

Loving yourself is a practice and it can create miraculous experiences in your external life.

I want to be clear about this kind of self love. It’s the antithesis of conceit, egotism or arrogance. These ideas are based on fear and do not include respect, gratitude or acceptance of ourselves and body.

The physical health allows us to work with your nutrition – you learn how to feed yourself, with an 18 Day Cleanse that includes whole foods and caters to all dietary needs while honoring our unique body.

Physical health

How you move your body and create an alignment with it to balance hormones. How you overcome decision fatigue, create new habits and appreciate the skin you are in.

Emotional health

How you overcome when you feel overwhelmed, tired, sad, depressed or dependent on things to change your moods. There is a strong possibility that when you get your body back in balance, that your emotions can ease and you can get back to experiencing more joy. I want that for you.

Mental health

We grow self esteem, confidence and teach you how to trust yourself. How do do what you are say you are going to do. It’s about willpower, yes, but it’s also about a deep respect for yourself.

Spiritual health

You reconnect to presence and the power of now.

You’re allowed to leave any story you don’t find yourself in. You’re allowed to leave any story you don’t love yourself in.

Throughout our 90 days, week by week, we will strip away more and more with a structured plan to create the life you love. Not the one someone else has, the life you must live because it is yours.

You are unique, there is no one like you on this planet and you deserve to shine brightly.

You are worthy and important and have something important to share with the world. If you are reading this, it is time to claim that part of you that may be hiding.

It’s time to fall back in love with you.

I am honored to be your teacher.


Renee Jayne Inc’s goal is to contribute through our business, Love Yourself NakedⓇ and Love Your Life Academy, teachings that become a catalyst to harmonize physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health that changes generations and expands capacity for love.

Since becoming a life coach at the age of 21 years old, now 17 years ago, I have been passionate about helping people heal. I have continued to be a student and teacher ever since. I believe that there is nothing more important than people loving themselves and finding acceptance.  I enjoy working privately with clients and leading groups. I have created multiple online courses, cleanses and live events that are catalysts to health, self esteem and emotional intelligence.  I’m a writer and professional speaker.

I have blended unique experiences in marketing, business, entrepreneurship, public speaking, holistic nutrition, wellness, emotional healing, mindfulness and Ayurvedic healing.

I hold dual degrees from Wayne State University and Northwood University and earned degrees / certificates in the following disciplines: Holistic Nutrition Practitioner from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, Certified Life Coach, Ayurvedic practitioner, whole foods nutritionist cooking teacher, meditation. I’m partner to Rob and mother to Manny.

I work with a wide range of individuals from medical doctors, actors, entrepreneurs, high profile business people, lawyers, health practitioners, couples, parents and sometimes entire families.  

Corporately, I’ve worked with Nissan, Ford, UAW, Oakland County MI, Detroit Athletic Club, Michigan House of Representatives, American Heart Association, Gilda’s Club, Cranbrook School, Soul Camp, Better Health, Whole Foods, Brit+Co and featured on local Detroit morning news television as a health expert on many occasions.

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