Your life is a miracle. No pressure.

We were given a life. That in itself is the biggest miracle of all. I read once, it’s something like a 1 in 400 trillion chance that you are even here, right now, reading this.
That miracle of our human life, to me, feels like an obligation lately, much more than the privilege the little me was raised up with.
Life living feels obligatory much like the way a tree gives oxygen, works with its neighbor trees and provides for its surroundings.

We have an obligation to growth and creating. To navigating the awkwardness of human life. I want to do it as raw and naked and vulnerably as possible.

I want us to keep waking up fully to rebirthing the self to support that growth and others.

Are we not here to grow and help others do the same? If not, then what is the point? The latest online sale and cultural fad or celebrity story? I think not.

I’ve worked with clients in their late 70’s and 80’s who came to me in deep pain in their heart, mind and body after spending the bulk of their lives resisting this obligatory inner growth I speak of.

What an inspiration they were stepping up to look within.
They showed up because they felt this obligation.
They knew it was time.

The endless possibilities in life are beyond all imagination and nothing excites me more than that uncertainty.

This uncertainty scares the shit out of me more than anything in my life all the same. It triggers any remnants of trauma that might still linger. It brings forth any remaining old stories and beliefs.

All invitations to move as Fear becomes our friend.

I’ve caused some destruction in my life (and in others) on my path of growth and my resistance to it. I’ve made things harder and caused harm because I didn’t slow down enough to notice the warning signs of stagnation, lack of intimacy and connection.

I clung with attachment when i could feel others not growing with me.
They wouldn’t. They couldn’t. They didn’t.
Letting go became the biggest leap of faith of all.
Opening the door for more creation.
Leaving the past behind.

Time waits for none of us.
I’m learning that time does not heal all the wounds, either.

Some think time heals things. I used to think that and say that to me and those I was attempting to comfort.

I’m beginning to know differently about time.

Time is about intimacy.

It’s how we flow in that time and what we choose to do with our personal responsibility within that time that heals things.

Time doesn’t heal when we choose to use time to avoid, distract and live in the fear of our biggest growth and creations.

The culture we live in is designed to do just that… distract us and trigger our avoidant lower self.

Please don’t get caught up for too long. Join me, in lovingly fighting that each day.

At the end of our miraculous human life, it will come down to the intimacy we have cultivated and what we have created that impacted another.

Our over consumption, fearful avoidance and numerous distractions can show us what we no longer want to do with our time here.

Figuring out how to create from an open heart is likely the hardest work any of us will ever do.

It will require all of us and it will also be completely mixed up with bliss, liberation and experiences of oneness.

-Renee Jayne

Photo: Gabriela McGill

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