Why silence affects your brain and health

Hey there. I’d like to share a quick story with you. I spent a lot of my childhood playing alone, well except for the super loud thoughts rattling around in my head. I thought of this fact one day, when I sat across from a client, who had the very opposite. Her childhood was constant stimulation, chaos and trauma. My recommendation for her at the end of our session was to take a day to go have time with her SELF. To be ALONE. Maybe get a massage, see a movie by herself, take herself out to lunch.
I knew this was going to be a challenge for her and she needed it. What I didn’t anticipate was the near panic and terror that came over her face when she heard this from me. The very thought of being alone with herself was quite possibly her worst fear in life. As time went forward in our coaching together, we learned why… she had been carrying so much shame and pain and it was so scary to look at it. She was afraid to be alone with herself because it might mean that she would have to face some uncomfortable things.
I created this video talking about how silence can quite literally grow your brain! Watch it above.
Us humans, we are pretty addicted to our thoughts and being silent, even for a little while can be a challenge.
We also know silence can change your brain chemistry and that silence is becoming more and more essential to your health. ​
What about you? Could you imagine being silent for a half day?
As you read this – I’m gone and taking 10 days of complete silence on a vipassana meditation retreat. I share a bit about this toward the end of the video if you’re interested.
I also talk about the benefit of a morning practice and how to incorporate some silence and alone time into your day and how this can grow new cells in your brain and impact your memory, emotion and learning.
Silence is powerful.
Enjoy the video!
Thanks for tuning in,
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