Why is junk food so addictive? (video)

Do you know how many times I\’ve stood in front of my refrigerator with the door open… waiting… wondering… thinking about \’what will satisfy me right now…\’? How many times I\’ve found myself lurking in the pantry… looking for something.

Do you have any idea how many clients and people in our community who share these similar stories with me? It\’s SO common that sometimes, around 3pm, I imagine that thousands of people are getting up to walk around in search for that special junk food or fast food snack.

I created a video for you that not only answers why junk food and fast food are so darn addictive but it also talks about How To Stop Eating It!

Watch now below

PS…. There was a time in my life when fast food and junk food were my normal, i did not cook. I drank a lot of soda, smoked cigarettes and ate a lot of sugar. So when i talk about fast food – I don\’t judge. I\’ve been there. Check out this video and let me know your thoughts.


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