The Myth of Self-Made

I saw someone, today, a business coach, boasting about being “a self-made millionaire” and it made me cringe.
What made me cringe more is how many people blindly cheered them on in the comment section without noticing the nuance to their words.
Note: I cheer people on who are excited about their $ all the time. This is different. Read on….

I don’t really believe in the idea of “self-made”… self-made millionaire, billionaire, etc., or self-made entrepreneur.
I’ve been an advocate for loving thy self and knowing the self and creating a relationship with ourself for over 15 years.
I’ve learned to love myself through great hardship and I continue to practice daily.
Entrepreneurship has been the most challenging and most rewarding endeavor of my life (next to parenting).

No one is “self-made”.
I am who I am today because of the countless people who have taken the time to be of service, to love me when I didn’t love myself, to support me when I couldn’t support myself, and all of those who remind me who I am when I forget.

I am who I am due to all of the clients who allowed me to be of service to them and the mutually beneficial experience we had together

Our culture will change when we move from an “I” mentality to a “we” mentality.

The subtle nuance is to see that most people who say they stand for the “we” are really caught up in unconscious martyrdom. It’s not true compassionate service when we cannot see our shadow. Big difference and another topic to share another day….

It also made me sad to see so many blind followers in this culture. Then, I allowed that sadness to help me dig deeper into my motivations…

One of the reasons why I am motivated to show up, share, serve and self express is because I’m a culture changer.

I tend to attract clients, friends, and colleagues who are culture changers as well.

We are all living through a time when culture and systems as we know it are crumbling and pivoting.

Integrity is key right now. What is not in integrity will go.

Our old culture has been mostly an illusion.
If we cannot see the illusions, we will be forced to face them.

If you are buying the hook, line, and sinker of the “self-made”, or even the people who claim to have it all and did it by themselves.
Have great discernment and pause.

I don’t care how much money someone has… if they forget the PEOPLE, connection, and community that helped them get there…

At the end of the day, they have nothing.

It is also the reason why humans, who also happen to make millions upon millions have hired me because they are so dissatisfied, not present, and disconnected from their physical body, play, and true joy in their life.

I’ve seen countless people who ‘have it all’ and also identify with being “self-made” … they wear it like a badge of honor and display it on their social media status.
To me, this is just a shiny object hiding the unconscious shame of their family and roots They have their millions but they feel empty inside.

If you are someone who wants more $$$$$$$$ and internal joy… consider the present, connected, and grounded version of you that has it all and also remembers with immense gratitude, all of the people that stood with you, before you and behind you for you to have that responsibility and leadership.

PS. Thank you, deeply, to every human who has been in my life and impacted me on this life journey so far. I appreciate you.

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