How I Beat Sugar Addiction

{Step by Step}

Sugar Detox Food List:

What To Eat & What To Avoid

Sugar Detox Food List [What To Eat & What To Avoid]

Welcome. This will include a food guide (what to eat and what to avoid), tips and strategies that will help you kick your sugar habit, and key meal ideas. If you haven’t seen my video on how I recovered from my own sugar addiction, you can watch the video above. 

You’ve said YES. You’ve decided, maybe even hesitantly. Perhaps you are at your wits end with sugar or you don’t feel you have any other choice and you are in the midst of deciding. 

You are in the right place and this page is going to serve as an effective guide and strategy for how to move forward with your detox of sugar.  

Our bodies have had an excess of sugar for far too long. It’s changed our body, immune system, our brain chemistry, hormones, and moods. It’s hidden inside almost everything from the “healthiest” foods to bread, salad dressings, sports drinks, protein bars, and our favorite coffees and lattes. drinks, we are a world of sugar addicts who don’t even know it.

We need a break!

Let’s not HATE on SUGAR. Let’s not obsessively LOVE it either. Can we try to be a bit more neutral with it right now?

The reality is that sugar has become a source of our energy and it’s teaching our body to store way too much fat. 

We need to find another source of our energy. 

We also need to acknowledge that for many of us, sugary treats and foods can go way back to our emotional childhoods. A lot of us associate it with safety, comfort, found memories of connection and love. And it tastes good!

So if we make sugar “bad” we just want it more and it’s harder to move forward. Sugar is not bad. It’s just something we need to have a break from right now. 

Sugar Recovery


Remember, you are teaching your body how to use fat as more of your energy source, versus sugar. We are changing our tastebuds and supporting our gut health and adrenals so our cravings can subside. Many of us are here because we have weight loss or fitness goals or we simply want to stop our dependency on sugar. We are supporting our liver so the rest of our body can start to detox more effectively. Remember, watch my video above to go deeper. 

Remember: a lot of this letting go is going to be about processed and packaged foods, sodas, and sugary lattes. It’s also about the kinds of carbohydrates we are consuming and those items we eat regularly that have refined sugar hiding in them.

READ BELOW for food guidance. 

salad greens alfalfa sprouts spinach avocado    
garden peas bean sprouts broccoli edamame    
brussels sprouts tomato artichokes arugula    
kale cauliflower Swiss chard jicama    
bell peppers zucchini collards asparagus    
daikon radish cabbage (all) celery cucumber    
lettuces (all types) carrots onion/shallots bok choy    
pumpkin summer squash butternut squash spaghetti squash    
watercress sea vegetables mustard greens rutabagas    
sweet potato mushrooms        
all berries orange green apple lime    
low sugar red apples pear plum lemon    
Brown rice quinoa Jasmine rice

(limit and utilize for warmth and digestion)

*fermented oatmeal only
Protein, Meat & Fish & Animals:
Use: Organic, grass-fed, pastured, free-range
beef chicken turkey      
pacific wild-caught salmon, sardines
fresh fish Tofu (increases estrogen, limit) Check all fake meats for sugar      
Eggs canned salmon bone broth      
Beans and Legumes:
*cooked well and eat warm
Lentils green beans lima beans split peas    
chickpeas black beans        
Nuts & Seeds:
raw almonds raw cashews sesame seeds pumpkin seeds    
raw walnuts sunflower seeds pepitas brazil nuts    
pistachios hemp seeds chia seeds flax seeds    
pecans macadamia nuts pine nuts      
Protein powders:
Collagen protein powder or hemp protein
Condiments and oils:
hummus tahini rice vinegar apple cider vinegar    
tamari (gluten free) Coconut aminos soy sauce fresh salsa    
Make your own salad dressing
MCT Oil Avocado oil sesame oil coconut butter    
pastured butter ghee (clarified butter) cacao      
beef tallow coconut milk olive oil coconut oil    
Fermented foods:
raw sauerkraut or other femented veggies
fermented oatmeal
Herbs & Spices:
Use sea salt liberally
Water Spring water        
Apple Cider Vinegar with hot water, lemon, cinnamon, and a half teaspoon of *honey
Coffee black Tea        
Teas we love: licorice root, dandelion root, green tea
Almond milk (unsweetened) Coconut milk (unsweetened) Hemp Milk (unsweetened)      
Broth (veggie or bone)
cucumber or lemon water
celery juice          
You can use natural stevia (the real thing), HOWEVER…
Our recommendation is that you go without all sweeteners
Avoid the following:
potatoes (white) candy dates waffles    
all sugar all dairy white rice wheat flour    
corn flour fruit juice agave sugar fruits    
mushrooms dried fruit chocolate (cacao unsweetened is okay) honey    
processed meat starchy veggies like potatoes or white rice soda/pop (all kinds) – even unsweetened or no sugar) bread    
all artificial sweeteners high fructose corn syrup pancakes ice cream    
packaged or processed foods baked treats wine pizza    
rye barley cornbreads popcorn pastas (all) crackers    
cereal (all) maple syrup corn oil canola oil    
peanuts or peanut oils sunflower oil palm oil safflower oil    
tortilla or potato chips alcohol of all kinds salad dressings, marinades (check for sugar)      


“I just want you to know how great I’m doing! I seriously haven’t felt this good in years! I absolutely love the sugar detox and adding in the greens and I’m convinced it is going to be part of my diet forever. My chronic constipation issues are resolved as well…this is a first for me for 30 years. I really cannot believe it.”


“I feel that investing in this program has changed my life forever. I look forward to reviewing the videos repeatedly knowing that each time I will retain more information that I will be able to incorporate into my life.”


“Yes. My transformational experience came to me after a video Renee did, prior to the start of the sugar detox program. She talked about feeding our pain. That comment resonated with me…. That night I woke up from a dream, (very very unusual) and realized immediately that I lost control over my eating. I lost control over the amount I ate and the amount of wine I consumed. I remember the very meal…. But NOT anymore. I was able to change all that the very morning I ate breakfast. I now control what goes into my body and how much. This experience was THE transformation that I needed to become a healthier eater and accomplish my nutritional and weight goals.”

Joslyn B.

“When I signed up for the cleanse I knew it was exactly what I needed, but thought it couldn’t possibly be coming at a worse time. A move, Memorial Day weekend, a visit with family with whom we have had major conflict over food choices, and now a reunion and visit with family who also does not prioritize healthy eating, and the kicker of them all is that we are about to live abroad for close to a month.

But now I have realized that the cleanse couldn’t have come at a better time. All of these exterior forces have only served to solidify my commitment as well as build my confidence in my ability to not only stick to it but to see that I can enjoy life just as much actually more without sugar. I’m finding it fun to be creative and pull together simple, satisfying meals. I sort of get this feeling of a job well done with each meal and passing day.”

Crystal Williams Windbigler

“Holey Moley! Weighed myself this morning, and while on this cleanse and sugar detox I am NOT trying to lose weight, but . . . started at 155+ two weeks ago, and weighed in at 142+ this morning. I haven’t been this light since I went through the “divorce diet” in 1987. I must admit that I am hungry a lot of the time. Renee says if you’re hungry you’re not eating enough. So, I’m making more food.”

David Kramer

“Two wonderful victories for me. Yeah! Last w/e I made my son’s favorite birthday pie, a rhubarb custard pie, with rhubarb fresh from my garden. It “only” has 2 cups of cane sugar in it. And I had zero temptation to even sample it! Yeah! And last evening I went to a dance and there were bowls of pretzels and potato chips ( my one big vice), all around. And again not one temptation, as I enjoyed my fresh veggie sticks and slices. Yeah! And may I say that Chromium and Gymnema Sylvestre are awesome for taking those cravings away! But mostly, I just want a normal blood sugar when I go to bed and upon rising. Which I am attaining almost daily. Thank you, Renee!”

Marnie Britcher

“Last night I took the time to discover the recipes in the cleanse that are available to us…. Wow! What a treat! I have no idea why I never saw them the 1st time around when I did this program. I tend to eat the same things over and over… & it can get boring. That’s when I tend to stray… Very excited to try these out. Thank You, Renee!!!”

Linda Berles

“I promised myself to say I am thinning through this cleanse. My other ah hah moment this morning is that I am that little fat kid that I was, I am the 300lb man I was a little over a year ago, I am the 228lb man I am this morning as well as the under 200lb person I will be for my daughter’s wedding, I am the person who did stupid things as we all do, I am the person who does some amazing things with my patients now and I am that person of whatever size I will be in the future who will do great things in the future as well for others as well as myself. And I declare to all of you, that I love myself as I am!”

Dr. David Schindler

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