Shining Light On Our Shadow + Integrations

As we move into this New Year, as we consider our desires let’s also do the necessary work underneath to integrate the shadow of ourselves so we can clearly align with our goals. ​ Your shadow is the portion of your psyche that you are not aware of and in this video, I’m sharing the integrations around Food, Body, Relationships, Career, and Money. It’s not that we are unaware because is so hidden or a mystery… most of us know more about our shadow than we think we do. It’s more because we Deny these aspects of ourselves. We repress the emotions, impulses, or unacceptable behaviors. Worst of all, we repress our unlived dreams. Some see the shadow as a “bad” part of us. This is not true. The shadow also includes our brilliance, unique genius, our voice, the financial wizard within us, or our deepest beauty. We are all 100% unique and our shadows are our own to explore. Sometimes, we need help from a coach, therapist, mentor, or friend to help us through. It’s important that we explore what we deny ferociously and how to regulate our nervous system to hold more of ALL of us. This allows us to align with what we desire most in life. When we feel stuck in relationships or patterns or old ways of doing things, it’s because we are denying the part of ourselves underneath, within the shadow. In our culture, we look for a quick fix solution. I made a video about some typical ways I see this play out. My intention is to inspire you to look to your shadow while you create what you desire in the year ahead. Your shadow contains great power. Not so much because of what is trapped within your shadow but instead because of the enormous amounts of effort it takes to deny our wholeness. What we repress and ignore, becomes dangerous… not because the shadow information is dangerous itself, but instead because of the great pains we go through and take on to try and banish and deny it. Watch the video here to learn more about how the shadow can be integrated for you around food, body, career, money, and relationships. Send an email to for the details to register for my Shadow Work Course and the upgrade for Voxer Support (if you need some extra hand-holding). Also, here on on for 1:1 Coaching and to get access to my calendar. Much love, Renee

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