Pause, then Let it Burn

I’m deeply appreciative of the opportunity to write and express myself during this time. 

This month, I’ve been speaking on various podcasts and summits that I’ve been invited on. It’s been rewarding to be in conversation with people who want to go deep and talk about things that make us uncomfortable right now.

Shattered Illusions.

A theme I’m noticing now is that illusions are being shattered for many of us… if we are paying attention.

If you are not noticing the uncomfortable reality crumbling before your eyes and having realizations that nothing is as it seems… then I invite you (if you are willing) to open to being willing to see your own illusions.

Be willing to see your own illusions (even if you’ve been watching them shatter for a decade… trust me, there is more).

If and when you are seeing the illusions shatter before your eyes… here is my offering:

Let them burn.

Allow your old identities to shatter and don’t be afraid to get to know the version of you that builds from the ashes.

Brand new, yet now armed with the wisdom of the burn.

It seems to me, that what worked for us before in relationships, with our health/body, or within our business and leadership to get us where we are now… will likely NOT be the same strategy and flow that takes us forward now.

Many of us have been through deep spiritual, emotional, and physical transitions in the past couple of years. It benefits us to pause, step away and allow the things, people, or challenges that seem hard to go.

Stop fighting it. Let those things/people/projects go (at least for now).

New systems are required and hanging onto the old will not allow you to see what needs to be built with a clear vision.

Stay open enough and take the pause so you integrate the new connections, opportunities, and thoughts that will take you into your future.

For me, it’s felt like a lot of layers of surrender and I’ve needed to be extra compassionate and gentle with myself.

I have had a tendency to be super hard on myself (I’m a recovering perfectionist) and this time in the world has required me to soften further into kindness when I make mistakes.

Imagine that… as the world broadcasts the narratives of fear, pain, war, famine, disease, evil, authoritarianism, and tyranny…

We, as individual human beings… can stand strong, rooted, and grounded in a deepening of devotion to our Highest Power and kindness.

We win the war(s) out there when we stop the war within ourselves.

Our lives are changing… we can surrender and let the blistering flames do what they came to do: burn down and then transform us and this world.

Or… we can resist the pause and try to control the fire and attempt to put it out.

You get to choose. You cannot really mess it up either. I mean, eventually, you will need to face the hot flames of fiery passion within you that has been calling you to something different, bigger, greater. It is really a question if you are willing to use these next 30 days of your life to do it or if you will push it off until further down the road.

Pause and consider.

What do I need to let go of?

What have I used as a way to control, stay in an illusion of power?

Who doesn’t feel aligned that I need space from?



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