Moving From Fear Of Commitment To Freedom

Moving from fear of commitment to freedom.

I used to fear commitment.

In a relationship, with money, business, myself, food plans… you name it.

I didn’t want to be committed.

I said I did, but when it came down to it, I ran.

So, because Growth is important to me, I decided to commit to my physical body and intimacy with myself in a new way.

I decided to learn why I was so afraid of the very thing I desired.

This included a commitment to the God Universe Spirit in my unique understanding.

Three years later, this is how it’s unfolding.

If you haven’t already watched, check out my 9 min video for the story.

I’m totally chill as I just finished bodywork, a massage, and connecting with my man and dear friend, both of whom I love. I love the extended circle of friends that branch beyond them.

I feel so blessed, lucky, open, powerful.

I feel love.

I feel All of it because I’m committed to myself and my relationship with my higher self first and foremost.

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