Renee’s Interview: Let It Out Podcast with Katie Dalebout

I personally love listening to podcasts and being interviewed on them is always a treat. If you aren’t listening, I highly recommend it! My most recent interview was with Katie Dalebout on her Let It Out Podcast. Katie is an inspiring woman and we had a lot of fun together.

Katie and I talk about:

  • Conscious parenting tips
  • How to surrender and find acceptance with your body
  • We talk favorite books, movies, shows
  • We talk “loving yourself naked” and what that can mean for you.
  • At the end of the show we talk about the issues with seeing ourselves as “separate” and looking at the realness of racism and how important it is to listen and understand.

“The art of surrender is letting go of control and allowing yourself to feel trust that it’s all going to work out for your best and highest good…. When you surrender to acceptance of where you are right now it’s actually the opposite of giving up.”

– Renee Heigel


Check out the show notes on Katie Dalebout’s website here.

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