Intuitive Eating: Does it even work?

One of the things I’m a stand for as a holistic practitioner is teaching people how to NOT DIET. It is simply unhealthy to be dieting all the time and one of the things that clients ask me about and share their interest in, is called, “intuitive eating”.

Intuitive eating, unfortunately, seems to cause more trouble for many if not all of these clients.

Watch today’s video to learn about why “intuitive eating” is the new “diet fad” and why chronic dieters may cling to this intuitive eating and why it’s dangerous to practice it in certain situations.

The essence of intuitive eating is incredible – it is about learning a trust and intimacy with your body, food and Self where you know what to eat and what your body may need from moment to moment. Intuitive eating invites in the feelings of peace and freedom and it sounds great, doesn’t it? I mean, eating food really needs to be stress free.

Also, intuitive eating is a learned behavior – we all have access to it.

Here is the problem though: the majority of people who come to me with issues around food are not quite ready for intuitive eating.

If we have obsessive, restrictive, compulsive, addictive and disordered feelings with food, our bodies or exercise and we are still counting calories and weighing ourselves all the time, intuitive eating can be a recipe for disaster for these people.

There is a process to healing and “intuitive eating”, for some people, comes down the line, but not right now.

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