Health care or sick care?

Hi there. I have some questions.

Is good nutrition really the holy grail to good health?

Is our health care system set up in the right order to prevent disease?

Are we healthier today than we were 100 years ago?

Great questions and I have some thoughts.

There is no doubt that food impacts not only your mood but also your body on a cellular level. 

Did you know, that years ago, after asking my doctor a question about changing my diet to help my horrible migraines and digestive problems, he told me that “food was a placebo and made no impact on my health”.

Now we know different, we know that nutrients directly impact brain function, as one example of many scientific studies.

There are a growing number of preventative care programs within our health care system, but the bottom line is that insurance is the definition of sick care. Buying insurance is banking on the fact that you are going to get sick within a sick-care driven industry.

I’m not saying don’t have insurance, that’s important too, but when you think about how much we spend on insurance and yet so many of us are reluctant to spend $100 on a cleanse or $500 on some coaching and mostly to invest the “time”, right now in our preventative health.

Don’t we have it all backwards?

In our culture, for many people, it’s still considered strange to consider investing money in prevention, coaching, health food, health memberships, etc.

The reality is that where I live, in the United States, we don’t rank even as one of the Top 10 happiest nations and our health care system and people are in a health care crisis.

For many, they now know that “true health care” is preventative care and the best possible investment of their hard earned money.

It’s challenging, at first, to put value into ourselves when this isn’t how we’ve been wired.

Think if it this way: You will only have ONE body in this lifetime and when it goes – so do you. I know, that’s harsh, but it’s the reality, isn’t it?

If you had one vehicle in your lifetime, I bet you would do a lot more preventative maintenance on it so it would last and last.

We’ve made such major progress within the industrialized parts of the world with infectious diseases, birth, public sanitation and even better nutrition. There is so much to be grateful for in many respects.

The question about whether or not we are really healthier? Well, many would argue a resounding yes!

However, compared to 1900, we may not be dying of Pneumonia and TB but we are certainly dying more from heart disease, stroke, cancer, accidents and more and more research shows that suicide rates are at a 30 year high… in a growing population of 7 billion people!!!    What!?

Yes, we do live longer now but the questions I want to ask is: 

Do we live better? 

Are we happier?

I am super grateful for modern medicine when we need it, however if obesity and heart disease, for example, are at a high and suicide is growing, how much better are we really living?

Maybe we can stay alive longer, but really are we happier and more comfortable in our bodies?  I sure want us to be.

So what can we do?

With gratitude for the science and technology that infuses our world with more opportunities than ever before, it must also be acknowledged that our quick fix culture, fast paced society, whilst riddled with stress and high tech pharmaceuticals and medicines isn’t serving us.

We are too dependent and I believe we are lacking in education on our own bodies and how to take care of them.

The majority of ailments that are hurting our health these days are actually lifestyle induced. This means that changing your food and habits could cure the majority of your issues.

This is why I’m an advocate for cleaning up the toxicity in our bodies with lymphatic cleansing.

I’m also an advocate of cleaning up our environment, water, air, food and farming practices.

I am living proof that you can turn around disease with food and cleansing.

  • I used to have high cholesterol, over 200 at the age of 16.
  • I had Shingles at age 19 and little to no immune system.
  • I lived with weekly migraines and digestive troubles that made me vomit from the pain regularly.
  • I lost my menstrual cycle and was told I may never have children.
  • Years later, I gave birth naturally with no drugs, which was a choice I wanted to make.
  • I had nodules on my thyroid. My medical doctor says they are now gone and it feels like I have a new thyroid – I used food, emotional healing and supplements – no medication to do this)

I am not special. I just took action with prevention and I can teach you how to do the same.

I “healed” myself of sugar addiction (6 years in recovery). “Healed” is in quotes because I choose every day to live a sugar free life and it’s so easy compared to how it was 6 years ago, it sure feels like healing. 

Join my 18 day Love Yourself Naked Challenge Cleanse – it could be the one thing that completely changes your life. 

A cleanse was that for me. 

It’s time to focus your time, energy and money on prevention and on YOU.

I recommend a safe whole-foods-based cleanse at least 2 times per year for a preventative health care practice.

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Cheers to real health care,


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