Dry Brushing Your Skin: the what, why, how and results

Do you need a reminder on why dry brushing your beautiful body is so important and when to do it?  Maybe you’re looking for what dry brushing is and why it’s so important and how to go about it… This video is for you.
I made this LIVE video a little while back, during one of our Community cleanses, it’s now called the Heal Your Gut 18-Day Eating Plan and Cleanse. It’s a self-study course and we often host LIVE seasonal groups throughout the year. You can start right away. You can register for that here
Many of my clients find this video useful as you explore the importance of lymphatic cleansing, healing your gut, and supporting your liver.
Press Play, below or visit my YouTube page here:


PS. Here are pictures of the dry brushes I like to use as I get asked often:

4 thoughts on “Dry Brushing Your Skin: the what, why, how and results”

  1. I have easy access to a far infrared sauna. What do you recommend as far as what order to sauna, dry brush and shower?

    1. That’s great you have access to an awesome infrared sauna. I would dry brush first, open up your pores. Then Sauna and then shower. Cold shower is good sometimes too. 🙂

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