Dry Brushing Your Skin: the what, why, how and results

For those of you who need a reminder on dry brushing your beautiful body or maybe the details on what it is, why it is So important or how to do it… This video is for you.
I made this LIVE video a little while back, during one of our Community cleanses called the 18 Day Love Yourself Naked Cleanse .
The cleanse is open for registration as a self study and I host Live seasonal cleanses in the spring and fall, schedule a call on the sight above.
I bet you’ll find this video useful as you explore the importance of lymphatic and liver cleansing.

Press Play, below.


PS. Here are pictures of the dry brushes I like to use:


4 thoughts on “Dry Brushing Your Skin: the what, why, how and results”

  1. I have easy access to a far infrared sauna. What do you recommend as far as what order to sauna, dry brush and shower?

    1. That’s great you have access to an awesome infrared sauna. I would dry brush first, open up your pores. Then Sauna and then shower. Cold shower is good sometimes too. 🙂

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