Do you need more magnesium? (The best and worst kinds)

I am so picky about the supplement industry and you may want to be too.  After years of using something that I thought was great for magnesium deficiency, I have learned differently.  I have access to some of the best resources and it impacts what I refer to others and take for myself. In this case, testing has proven that some things are not as they seem. Note: the supplement industry is massive and mostly not regulated.
I was shocked and angry to discover that a product I have taken and referred to countless people that I love and respect (many of you) turns out to not be as quality as I thought it was!

It’s a Magnesium Supplement called Natural Calm.  I’ll get to the details on Natural Calm and it’s quality ratings and why we need Magnesium so badly. I will also share a new option for you to choose from in just a moment, but first…

I get so many questions about supplements from you. I must admit, I have purposefully not wanted to affiliate myself with specific companies and this is a prime example why:
Most of them are just not that good and I fear that if I affiliate myself with that company and they end up not as reputable as I thought, then we all suffer. So i research and study and test things out on myself.   

You know, it’s actually really scary when you consider the massive amounts of supplements on the shelves in stores and how many of them are filled with stuff that you would never, ever want going into your body.  Often, the quality of the vitamin or supplement itself is so low that it’s pointless for you to take it.  Thousands of dollars wasted on crap that doesn’t even help.

magnesium-rda-intakeMagnesium is one of the supplements that the majority of people are lacking in. The reason has a lot to do with our soil quality and the depletion of minerals that are in it. A study in 2005 by the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey revealed that at least half of the US population had inadequate intakes of magnesium and it’s gone down since this survey.

Magnesium has involvement in about 300 processes in your body and it helps produce energy.  It has an impact on neurological, metabolic, muscular and cardiovascular processes.

I know you have a lot to manage with what foods to eat and what supplements to take – it’s a lot to keep track of, I get it.   You probably hear a ton about things in the headlines often, but know this: magnesium is one of the most important things for your body to function on a cellular level.  It literally impacts almost everything.

This is not the new cool headline mineral, it’s an essential basic mineral so listen up.

Do you eat sugar, flour or unhealthy carbs?

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Eating refined sugar can cause the body to excrete magnesium through your kidneys. So not only does the white flour, carb and sugar filled foods have basically zero magnesium but it also helps to deplete your levels.

Lots of alcohol and caffeine have a similar impact on excreting magnesium through the kidneys.  I know! Boo hoo.

When we are low in magnesium we complain of the following:

Sleep issues or insomnia, ADHD, depression, headaches, migraines, muscle cramps, high stress, anxiety, chronic pain, constipation, digestive health, low energy and for ladies and men all kinds of hormonal issues. 

Children can have low magnesium levels as well.

Adding in more magnesium can improve deficiency and the symptoms above. Increasing your magnesium can also have a good impact all kinds of issues like diabetes, autoimmune issues, heart problems, hormonal troubles, thyroid issues, body pain, osteoporosis.

I want to add that some auto-immune issues and pharmaceutical drugs can actually deplete the magnesium in our bodies.

Have your levels checked with a blood test – this is a great idea.

Oh and if you have magnesium in your multivitamin, it may not be enough. I would be skeptical of the quality of that multi-vitamin too.  I will give you a website, in a moment, to check the quality of certain supplements if you are curious about yours.

I’m a huge advocate of getting magnesium from whole foods first – this always outweighs the supplements in my book. However, remember how I shared that problem above ,about our soil quality… it’s really hurt the foods we consume. We just do not get as much magnesium as we used to but it doesn’t mean you should not the foods. Please load up on magnesium-rich foods.   Here are some that you want to add in immediately:

2 Natural Calm Is NOT So Natural.

I’m angry to write that I have been referring Natural Calm as a magnesium supplement to many people – including taking it myself regularly for years and years!  It did not rank well recently and I’m throwing mine away in the trash. I suggest you do the same. I know that many people were as shocked as I was to see this result with this product. 

What supplement can you trust?

img_0047A few years ago, I started using select products from a company called Metagenics.  I have over a dozen great supplement companies I trust now and time and time again, Metagenics stands out above the rest. They have super strict testing and quality control systems and meet the highest standards for research and quality manufacturing – so basically I know that the I’m getting a lot of magnesium in my product. I also know that a bunch of other nasty chemicals are not finding their way in.

I bought Magnesium from Metagenics and it’s called: Mag Glycinate (Magnesium is the essential mineral and the glycinate which is from glycine – this is a non-essential amino acid). “Non-essential amino acid” implies that your body is able to produce it.

I have the ability to give you a discount today off Metagenics products so please take advantage right away and get yourself some magnesium.

I just ordered some more myself! 

Note: I am an affiliate of Metagenics and it’s only because I believe 100% in their product quality and have purchased their products and used them myself for years. You’ll see they test really well on the below website I suggest you use too.

I want all people to get the best nutrients and minerals for their bodies and sometimes that requires whole foods and quality supplements. I desire for us all to feel safe and secure in the choices we make when we are putting something into our body.

Rest assured, I will keep working hard and doing my part to make sure you have that security and feeling of safety with you health choices.

Are your supplements quality?

This company tests products in an FDA regulated lab and gets a detailed chemical analysis. Not many companies do this these days so I’m grateful Labdoor exists.

Check your supplements here  ——>

Magnesium love,


PS. Reminder, the discount on ALL Metagenics products including the Mag Glycinate (Magnesium) product ends soon – Click here to order.

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