How to accomplish more than most other people + my tattoo meaning

Our attention span is shorter and we are becoming dumber because of it. Seriously.Time blog+ tattoo

Today I gotta share a huge secret on how I accomplish more than most humans I know and how it took a huge slap in the face wake up call (literally) to figure this out.

I’ll also explain why I got a tattoo on my inner wrist and 3 mini stories to illustrate this big life changer. 

Oh and what I’m going to share with you today impacts everything in your life and more specifically your health, body and relationships much faster.

There have been a series of life altering and transforming events in my life in the past few years which I’ll get to in future blogs to you but it became evident about 14 months ago that I had to do some major work on my relationship with something big…


I used to tell myself, I don’t have time to read the whole book. I wonder if I can find some footnotes? I don’t have time to read this article, maybe I can speed read it. I don’t have time to make it through this entire to-do list and then I would resist and procrastinate doing any of it. I don’t have time to call my friend, I’ll text her. I don’t have time to shave my legs today, I’ll do it tomorrow. Sorry, is that too much information? Well it’s true.

Technically your attention span is around 3 seconds these days so you may not even have time to read this blog I wrote (I hope you do, it’s a biggy). It takes about 3 seconds to read a title and the first sentence or two maybe so if i don’t keep your interest, you are out of here.

At any point, all you have to do is look around you in any public place and you’ll see people on the internet, distracted on the web and this greatly impacts on our attention and relationship with time.

When I began seeing all of these red flags all pointing to me doing some serious adjusting with my limiting beliefs around “time”, ironically my favorite Philip Stein watch battery died. I decided not to replace it for over 1.5 years.  

My mentality with time was about lack. There was never enough. I knew that watch was part of the problem but I began to see it was much deeper than the watch.

The words “I don’t have enough time” were like a broken record running through my head and I began to even see myself express it to those around me. I was getting sick of my own story.

Honestly after a few friends called me out, I got so annoyed with my talk and I started to get angry.  

Anger makes you take action.

realized that my relationship with time was tentative and not trusting. I thought that some goals came true and some didn’t and I worked so damn hard with such determination and it felt like I could never get ahead and that I was powerless. I really felt like everything was a fight.

I began to see that this relationship that I had with time was completely flawed and it was holding me back from being truly happy and free.

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About 6 months ago, I was filming videos in the studio for Winning The Sugar Game, and someone tripped over a massive light and it smashed right into my face. Huge golf ball sized bump immediately, blood everywhere and concussion…

You know what was most interesting though? I remember glancing to my left and seeing the light start to fall towards me. It was in slow motion almost, everything in the room stopped and I couldn’t move to get out of the way. As I put my hand to my head and felt the blood and started feeling dizzy, time seemed to slow down again. Then minutes later everything sped up and went so fast.  I’ve read that people who have experienced falling from big heights felt that time slowed down for them. In fact, brain scientist David Eagleman says that “clocks offer at best a convenient fiction and imply that time ticks steadily forward when our experience shows that it often does the opposite”.

The morning before being smashed by that light, I had stayed up almost all night writing and that next morning while driving to the studio, I was questioning whether I might be late. I seriously believe that the universe gave me a huge wake up call that day because upon arriving home from the hospital with my concussion and stitches, I also found out one of my close friends died.

I was reminded that all we have is in this moment.


One day, I was driving somewhere after my realization of my broken relationship with time and I happened to be late.  I was driving faster (bad girl) and I figured I’d be about 10 minutes late.  I used to be that girl who was always late. In high school, I got voted “most likely to be late”… seriously.

I had noticed in the past that I was basically addicted to looking at my watch or phone to check the time in these moments.  It’s almost like I got a rush out of the fast-paced-stressed-out-buzz that leads to rushing around and I would be constantly looking at the time and therefore adding more to the stress-buzz cocktail in my brain that kept repeating: there isn’t enough time.

So on that day of my drive where I thought I would be late, I decided to resist looking at any clock. I made a choice that it was completely okay that I was late and that it was a good thing because it was allowing me to see this huge block I have with time and to heal it.  It was nuts because I kept noticing myself wanting to look at the clock the entire time.  I could see my addiction to that damn clock.

So instead I decided to look at the trees, the clouds and sun on my drive. I listened to music.  I became more present and I took lots of nice breaths. I refused to look at the clock until I was about to get out of the car and you know what I saw when I looked at that clock?

I showed up exactly on time. I mean exactly… to the minute.

I was blown away. You’ve probably heard that basic law of attraction stuff before or read or watched the movie called “The Secret” but this was deeper for me. I’ve been attracting things my whole life, parking spots, job opportunities, etc but I never saw this deep block that I had with my story about “time”.  In other words, none of that law of attraction/affirmation stuff works if you can’t see your limiting beliefs.

I swear if I had been looking at that clock the whole time I would have been 10 minutes late, I just know it.

I noticed that this buzz I got from always feeling behind or that I didn’t have enough time and the chaos around it kept me safe. But it didn’t keep me happy and passionate.

The present moment gives us all the time we could ever desire and I had a huge fear to live in the present moment.


Last story is about Manny, my son. Children are our best teachers.  I began noticing that my son was resisting wanting to spend time with me. This was breaking my heart. He wasn’t listening to me and I was beginning to see I needed to set healthier and clearer boundaries with things. This time was gut-wrenching hard for me… my son seemed distant from me and I never imagined this would happen, we are very close. What I ended up realizing was that Manny’s actions were a cry for attention. He wanted more of my time.  I was learning to be mom and business owner and business manager of the house all at the same time. I knew that I didn’t want to be a mom cleaning and cooking the whole time and not with my son and I thought I was pretty good at this.  But somehow between moving several times and life happening, I began to get wrapped up back into my “not enough time story”.

Manny taught me that the #1 thing our children want from us is our present-moment time and attention. Nothing less, nothing more.

In fact, that’s what everyone in your life wants from you, even if they don’t tell you.

time blog + tattoo 2So about a year ago, I tattooed the word “NOW” on my inner wrist with a circle around it.  The circle is symbolic of so many things and they are all quite profound.

A circle, for me, represents my “wholeness”, the perfection in the cycles of life and my connection to the universe/God/spirit/divine/love.

Within that is the word, “NOW”. There is only one time and it is Now.  If you find yourself living in the past or in the future you are further from accomplishing anything you want in life. You must come back to the present moment.

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