“Anti” (trigger warning)

I used to join in on the “anti” movements and products.

I used to be anti-something when I wanted you to know how I identified. When I thought I needed to prove something.

The anti-depressants are a band-aid, even though they can help for a short while.

The anti-anxiety blocks some receptors and activates others with a side effect list so long and many unknown impacts.

I’ve promoted anti-oxidants and yet there are pros and cons to these.

Anti-bacterial… this does not work. Plain soap and water are best.

Anti vax … I support your right to choose for your body.

Anti science … the science I love remembers that getting to the root cause is key. Also, I love the part in science about asking questions, doing background research, constructing a hypothesis (including experimental data) and testing to see if the procedure is working, along with a further analysis of data.

Anti-racist- I believe everyone has aspects of racism within them and that this is a huge spectrum that can only be worked through with trauma healing and recovery. We ALL need to choose this work for ourself. Putting people into two single boxes (which i used to do myself – so very sorry, I did not know at the time) of either racist or anti-racist is a great disservice to those marginalized because it furthers trauma and keeps people stuck in ideologies and belief. It’s a perpetual loop.

Anti-biotics… these wrecked my gut health and immunity for a good 10-15 years. Antibiotic resistance will continue to be a huge topic. They have served us and we have also been overloaded. Look into it.

No more anti for me. It keeps me in a trauma response and I am ready for a different conversation and regulating state in my body.



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