Anger + Food + Body

Last night I sat in powerful anger for a good couple of hours. At first I didn’t even know I was angry. I just felt agitated and annoyed. Something triggered me.

Why am I sharing this with you?

Because I want to normalize anger and show others how it has been my best teacher to access my light.

My best asset to offer the world in service is that I’ve seen the depths of darkness that lives within my soul.

It is for this reason that my light shines today.

This is a vulnerable share for me.

Here is what inspired me to share it here:

In the last couple of weeks, I’ve had three different people comment on how “sweet or kind or innocent” I am.


After each person shared with me, I thought this: “they only know half of me, half of the story”.

For the past 20 years I have been exploring the darkest depths of my soul: the wild, rebellious, selfish, shame, misery and shadowy depths of my fears and insecurities.

I know, that’s heavy shit.

It’s was by necessity.

The TRUTH is by knowing this dark shadow within is the ONLY way I have had access to the light and sweetness you may see of feel in my presence. The same works for you too.

It is the ONLY WAY I can hold space for all of my clients and family and friends.

So, I punched the crap out of my bed, I hit the boxing bag a lot last night. I cried and hit the floor and I yelled… lead by my wild woman.

This lead to stretching and LOTS OF BREATHING and then I cried and breathed some more.

Later, I danced and I read and I wrote and prayed and texted with 6 different powerful women over about 4 hours.

Years ago, instead of doing the above, I would have eaten half the food in my pantry already.

I would be back in the shame cycle of EATING MY FEELINGS.

Today, I feel powerful and focused and I feel the fire within that trusts.

That FIRE was fueled by the COURAGE to get intimate with ANGER. Anger is normal and healthy and it is destructive only when repressed and not honored or given space to be felt.

More on the “root cause of anger” coming soon… watch my posts.

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