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Hi! I'm Renee...


Welcome to my holistic healing practice where I work with a diverse range of clients, including brave leaders and healers, out-of-the-box entrepreneurs, and executives who are highly creative and here to make a difference. As a Holistic Nutrition Practitioner, Somatic Life Coach, and Medical and Emotional Intuitive, my mission is to illuminate truth, improve your health, and guide you home to yourself through holistic healing. My clients include individuals from all walks of life, including a shaman in their late 70s, CEOs of multi-million and billion-dollar companies, celebrities, medical doctors, chiropractors, health practitioners, engineers, lawyers, executives, entrepreneurs, parents and couples. I have worked with cancer patients, individuals struggling with auto-immune issues, and clients who have tried everything and feel that they have lost all hope. People come to me when they want to change their life. 

I’m married to Matt Sweeney, the most incredible partner. He is an entrepreneur and Diplomat in Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine and the owner of Berkley Acupuncture in Bloomfield Hills, MI. My company has been in service to clients for 14 years … that’s also the same age as my son, Manny, who is one of my biggest inspirations in life. 


"Every time I see you and we have a meeting, I make progress.

As a lifelong junk food addict, I tried many ways to get clean with no permanent cure. My first lesson with my spiritual advisor, Renee Jayne, helped me immediately. First I got to know that most of what I thought was healthy was really various forms of preserved processed poisons, so I easily improved by just learning the truth. The next lesson I learned to say ” no” to was the perilous monsters and yes to pure healthy habits.

The numbers don’t lie. I’ve lost 56 pounds so far, I went from 45% fat to 28% fat and from a 46’ pants to a 38” pants. Also, since I’m not wasting money on pills, prescriptions, and Fast Food, the investment has saved me thousands.

Your work on addiction is brilliant.

I can’t wait to read your book.

Your guidance has saved my life”

The Self Healing Course
Mike Heck

"Thank you, Renee, for being part of my personal journey of self-development and growth! I am always looking forward to each and every one of the sessions we have together because I feel empowered, heard, and never alone. In our sessions we laugh, we cry and we put together an action plan for nutrition and supplements, but most importantly "the why" behind the habit, and how to break free from it which is a truly holistic approach. I have grown emotionally and personally because of you because you have shown me so many different sides of myself. I do a lot of self-discovery on my own, reading and learning, but we meet and work together, you show me the missing pieces of the puzzle, to make the image a lot more clear and I have several "Aha" moments during our meetings. I'm grateful for all of the advice, perspective, and continuing support you offer with all of your words of wisdom which have impacted my life directly and substantially!

Thank you again for all you do for me, you are an amazing coach and I am thankful every day that you are in my life.”


“Renee is a trauma alchemist – helping people move their emotions from where they are stored (or buried) deep within our psyche and our cells – and clear that stuff out so we can claim the reset our bodies, minds, and souls so potently crave. She helps you learn the role you have in using nutrition in your healing”


“Renee is one of the most grounded and radiant coaches I know. The conversations I’ve had with her are always the perfect combination of warm, patient, fierce love and no-bullshit, laser-like truth and clarity. My spirit smiles when I think of the powerful work she is doing out in the world.”


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